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Handsome Ransom on The Ford Report this week

Ashwell Farm's Handsome Ransom served 105 mares in his first season, making him one of New Zealand's most popular stallions in 2005. The son of Red Ransom is profiled on the current edition of The Ford Report. The programme also features four first-crop foals by Thorn Park, who stands at Windsor Park Stud.

Programme content for this edition...

* Ashwell Farm, Cambridge: HANDSOME RANSOM
* Windsor Park Stud, Cambridge: THORN PARK foals
* Archive: WINSTON PETERS interview
* Pedigree Subject: HEADTURNER

FIRST PLAY - Saturday, April 29 @ 7.30am (Digital)
SECOND PLAY - Sunday, April 30 @ 11.00am (UHF & Digital)
THIRD PLAY - Monday, May 01 @ 9.30pm (Digital)
FOURTH PLAY - Tuesday, May 02 @ 11.30am (Digital)
FIFTH PLAY - Friday, May 05 @ 11.30am (Digital)



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