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Bloodstock Taxation in New Zealand (4th ed.) is the bloodstock industry bible for New Zealand. Written by New Zealand's acknowledged expert on the subject, John Aubery this book includes:

  • Commentary on the latest tax changes and Inland Revenue rulings
  • When does a breeding business commence?
  • Transfer of bloodstock into a breeding business
  • When bloodstock are "eligible" to be a breeding business
  • Bloodstock syndicates
  • Extensive coverage of geldings
  • GST, breeding and business syndicates
  • Summary of 30 tax cases highlighting breeding and racing issues
  • Numerous tax tips
  • New rules for non-resident owners
  • 49 chapters on every conceivable bloodstock topic

Now available for just
$85.00 (incl. GST) + postage this is a must have for all breeders.

John Aubery's Bloodstock Tax updates


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