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Roy & Derval Latimer
Phone: 021 4 A FOAL (423 625)


Anna Miles   
021 0250 3472

F.A.Q. about the NZTBA Foster Foal Service

1. How much does the service cost?
North Island: $350.00+GST (for NZTBA members) and $500+GST for non-members . The fee is paid by the foal owner. 

South Island: Free to everybody

2. What areas of New Zealand does the service cover?
Both the North Island and South Island are covered

3. Is there a contract covering the responsibilities of the parties involved in a foster foal arrangement?
There's no formal contract as such, but we do have a set of guidelines about "Who may be responsible for what". Click on the button below.

4. How do I contact the service?
All that is required for when you have the misfortune to require our services, a simple phone call or txt to join our txt service to Mob: 021423 625 (0214 A FOAL) is all that's required for North Islanders. Derval or Roy will outline the procedure for you.

Anna Miles will give every assistance for the South Islanders. Her contact number is 021 0250 3472.

Losing a mare after foaling, and losing a new foal are two of the most heart-breaking things breeders can experience.The NZTBA's Foster Foal Service aims to minimise the loss by linking orphaned foals with foster mares made available by breeders who understand the urgent situation of the foal deprived of his/her mother. 

To give you an idea of how valuable this service is to our members, here is an example of how the foster foal service worked over a season.

There were 56 calls for help, 23 mares and foals were successfully joined together.

Some of the reasons they were unable to help in the other 33 cases were:

  • Two events on the same farm which solved themselves.

  • The foal died before being able to be fostered.

  • Private contacts met the need first.

  • Some owners elected to bottle feed their orphan foals.

A couple of studs had more than one orphaned foal and decided to raise the two foals together. And in quite a few cases, there just wasn't a mare available.

The NZTBA warmly thank the owners of mares who foster foals during the season.


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