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FEATURE: New article on Measuring Stallion Performance

As breeders settle down to work out their matings for the coming season, and sire premierships move towards their final results, discussion inevitably arises about the best and fairest ways to measure stallion performance.

Total progeny earnings remain the basis for the major sire premierships in Australia and New Zealand, which have been slow to pick up alternative methods of assessing stallions that are widely used elsewhere, especially in the United States.

NZTBA member Renee Geelen is well-known on the popular New Zealand internet forum Race Cafe for her interest in statistical analyses of stallion records, so was an obvious choice to write an in-depth article on the subject exclusively for the Association.

She begins with a clear definition of the Average Earnings Index and uses the current New Zealand AEI table as an example. Renee then considers the advantages and limitations of AEI, and how cumulative AEI and Comparable Index (CI) figures can measure stallion success or failure more accurately.

Feedback about the article is welcome and should be sent to the NZTBA website editor: Susan Archer

The article is in PDF format (so requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and is available here:

Measuring Stallion Performance: the Case for AEI & CI
by Renee Geelen

- Renee Geelen


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