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Dash for Cash on The Ford Report

The Ford Report team was in Victoria & New South Wales last week and the first item from that visit, a profile of Dash For Cash, features on the programme from Saturday.

Programme content for this edition...
* Collingrove Stud, Victoria: DASH FOR CASH
* Stoney Bridge, Karaka: NEW STALLION

FIRST PLAY - Saturday, May 20 @ 7.30am (Digital)
SECOND PLAY - Sunday, May 21 @ 11.00am (UHF & Digital)
THIRD PLAY - Monday, May 22 @ 9.30pm (Digital)
FOURTH PLAY - Tuesday, May 23 @ 11.30am (Digital)
FIFTH PLAY - Friday, May 26 @ 11.30am (Digital)

- Ford Report


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