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Ford Report focus on Australia, 27 May-2 June

The next edition of The Ford Report comes to you from Australia with content shot at Vinery, Arrowfield and Chatswood Studs.

Programme content for this edition...
* Vinery Australia, NSW: BENICIO
* Arrowfield Stud, NSW: FLYING SPUR
* Chatswood Stud, VIC: HEMINGWAY
* Pedigree subject: GAZE

FIRST PLAY - Saturday, May 27 @ 7.30am (Digital)
SECOND PLAY - Sunday, May 28 @ 11.00am (UHF & Digital)
THIRD PLAY - Monday, May 29 @ 9.30pm (Digital)
FOURTH PLAY - Tuesday, May 30 @ 11.30am (Digital)
FIFTH PLAY - Friday, June 02 @ 11.30am (Digital)

- Ford Report


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