NZTR Northern Forum: governance, management & people

The 2006 series of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Forums was chaired by Guy Sargent, elected as a Central region director to the NZTR Board in 2001, and the Board's chairman since 2003. He emphasised that the forums are a two-way communication process, and will be held twice a year, in May-June, and November-December.

The other nine NZTR Directors are:
  • Keith Neylon & Brian Kinley - Southern region
  • John Rattray – Central region
  • Colin Jenkins & Alistair Sutherland – Northern region
  • Murray Blue – Small Clubs
  • Peter Hutt – NZ Thoroughbred Breeders' Association appointee
  • Graeme Sanders – NZ Trainers' Association appointee
  • John Rennie – NZ Racehorse Owners' Federation appointee
The six regional directors are elected by racing clubs, whose voting power is determined by their number of racedays. For example, the Auckland Racing Club has 26 votes, one for each of its racedays. The Small Clubs director is elected by clubs with one to three racedays.

The five NZTR Board committees introduced in 2005-06 are:
  • Dates – chaired by John Rattray
  • Finance – John Rennie
  • Funding – Alistair Sutherland
  • Integrity – Brian Kinley
  • Staffing – Guy Sargent
NZTR's new management structure is built around four key areas of operation led
by General Managers who report to the Chief Executive:

  • Business Development – Campbell Moncur
  • Communications – Simon Cooper
  • Racing – Alan Cole, who leaves at the end of June
  • Integrity – yet to be appointed
In addition, sub-committees are established for special projects, for example, venues (chaired by Graeme Sanders), jumping review (John Boyle), and training & education (Peter Hutt & Simon Cooper).

Mr Sargent explained that NZTR had moved its offices to Petone partly to improve its relationship with the Racing Board, which has the last word on the allocation of funding, and must sign off on each code's strategic and business plans. Contrary to NZTR statements at the time, the industry structure established by the 2003 Racing Act does not allow for bulk funding.

- Susan Archer


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