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A very select group of eight New Zealand stallions (Alcimedes, Beau Pere, Foxbridge, Limond, Martian, Sir Tristram, Sovereign Edition & Summertime) are included in the recently released book Great Thoroughbred Sires of the World, by Andrew Reichard, Jennifer Churchill & Byron Rogers.

Great Thoroughbred Sires of the World, newly published in Australia
It's a milestone publication of 1000 pages, more than 10 years in the making, and covers the major thoroughbred breeding countries of the world over the past century with a comprehensive profile of the most successful sires, their sire sons, grandsons and principal winners produced by their daughters. Great Thoroughbred Sires of the World is a highlight of 25 years of publishing for the leading publication Australian Bloodhorse Review, also responsible for Stallions, the Australian equivalent of the NZTBA's Stallion Register. It is a work on a massive scale, chronicling the achievements of the greatest thoroughbred sires whose careers broadly spanned the 20th century.

The book contains 205 sires from Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, North America, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, all displayed in the standard Stallions format. Each horse has at least two pages allotted to him, with an essay by an authoritative writer, among them New Zealanders Jack Glengarry, Peter Jenkins & Anne Meredith. Some of the more influential stallions, such as Hyperion and Northern Dancer, have additional pages in order to do justice to all their important descendants. The book is generously illustrated throughout with high quality colour and mono photographs, many of them rare.

The selection criteria was fairly flexible, but each stallion was a champion sire in his respective country or a champion sire of broodmares, and/or left sire sons of extreme influence on thoroughbred breeding.

A starting point for selection was horses covered by Dr. Francesco Varola's "chefs-de-race" dosage lists, which was later expanded by Lt. Col. J. Vuillier, Dr Steve Roman and Jack Werk, et al.

A team of international experts was then consulted to refine the list before editor Jennifer Churchill finalised it, with emphasis being placed on the lasting influence of the stallions in their respective countries.

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