Auckland and Waikato Branch seminars a success

Waikato and Auckland Branch Autumn Seminars a great success.

Attentive audiences attended the Auckland Branch's seminars on Fertiliser, Parasite Control and Pasture Management. The two hour presentations provided breeders with practical information on each topic and were well received.

Arthur Payze from Fertco, talked about utilising good pasture maintenance in order for fertilisers to do their job efficiently. His presentation placed emphasis on the benefits of soil testing, weed and pest control. He presented comparisons of different re-grassing methods, either grass to grass or full cultivation. His recommendations included the benefits of soil testing in the spring for PH to enable good decisions on fertiliser applications. Mr Payze also highlighted the importance of good drainage to optimise grass growth.

Mark Brown from Agricom followed on with a detailed presentation that included comparisons of different plant species, ryegrass, flowering dates, and endophytes. Ryegrass staggers can be a real concern for thoroughbred breeders and Mark spent some time outlining the cause and his recommendations for planting.

Jason Lowe from Matamata Vet Services spoke about 'Parasite Control in horses – The Way Forward'. His presentation posed the questions: What are the current parasite burdens and problems? What is being done to control parasites? and Drug resistance a practical problem?

After outlining the 'enemies' – which included tapeworms, ascarids, large strongyles and cythostomins, Jason stated that the high level of anthelmintics used in thoroughbreds is creating a resistance problem that is a real cause for concern. His recommendations included the benefits of doing regular faecal egg counts. Not only was this extremely cost effective, it also meant that stock were being monitored closely and drenched when required.

An attentive audience attended the Auckland Branch seminar held at Karaka on the 29th March



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