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Main Rosehill stables 'well infected' with mild EI

Rosehill trainer Chris Waller reported to his clients on Monday morning that his main stable 'is now well infected with equine influenza (EI).'

However, Waller also said that impact of the virus is less than those horses infected at Randwick and Warwick Farm.

"The symptoms appears slightly different to the Randwick and Warwick Farm horses which is leading me to believe that the vaccinations our horses received nine days ago could be lessening the effect of the virus," said Waller.

"On Saturday we had four horses, Sunday we had a further six and so far one this morning.

"As of this morning their temperatures are down within normal limits with the exception of one horse. I am sure the worse is yet to come but all horses at present are very comfortable.

"We have another barn of 10 horses, this barn does not have a single horse with the EI symptoms yet so they are have a very good chance that the vaccination will take greater effect.

"It is too early to name individual horses that have EI as we believe all horses will have some form of the disease.

Waller is hopeful that the vaccination programme by Racing NSW stewards and vets might allow training to return to Rosehill within a month, and for racing to recommence in some 10 weeks.

"I guess this is hopeful thinking but I am remaining positive," he said.

He also said that while the spelling farms his stables uses have been infected by EI, as of last last week, he was hoping that the vaccination progress for those farms would give the horses some protection seven days after they received the vaccination.

Waller told his owners that after lobbying Racing NSW and Sydney Turf Club there would be a rfund of trials fees from the last set of Rosehill trials. Track fees will also be refunded to owners after the Sydney Turf Club decided not to charge them as assistance over the EI crisis

The Sydney Turf Club has also frozen Rosehill stable rentals.

- Rob Burnet, Thoroughbred News


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