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Horse standstill in NSW is working

The ongoing horse standstill in NSW is working and has dramatically slowed the spread of equine influenza (EI) according to the NSW chief veterinary officer, Bruce Christie.
"EI is confirmed on 401 properties but most are contained within a band that runs from Sydney and its surrounds to the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley and the north west of the State," Mr Christie said.
"There has been only one outlying spot outbreak in the last four days – which is excellent news."
Vast areas of NSW remain free from the virus including the south and south west, Northern Rivers, New England and the west.
Isolated spot outbreaks have occurred near Wauchope, Mudgee, Berry, Walcha, Dubbo and Parkes.
"Most newly infected properties are located within the known area, where there is a higher incidence of the disease and dense horse populations.
"The spread has been mainly caused by horse-to-horse contact and people in contact with horses," he said.
NSW Department of Primary Industries advises horse owners to isolate horses on or near infected properties.
The State's leading veterinarians are working on a plan to stop the slow creep of the virus within Restricted Areas in NSW.


- Thoroughbred News


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