EI protocols for buyers to New Zealand

In response to the outbreak of Equine Influenza in parts of Australia, New Zealand Bloodstock would like to advise all prospective buyers to New Zealand for the forthcoming NZB Ready to Run Sale (20 & 21 November) of the restrictions currently in place.

Visitors to New Zealand
Persons travelling to New Zealand from overseas (particularly Australia) are requested to observe the following protocols:

Ensure you declare to Customs & Agriculture Officials on arrival that you have travelled from a horse environment;

Avoid bringing any used horse gear or equipment to NZ. Any gear or equipment brought to NZ must be scrubbed with soap, detergent or disinfectant prior to arrival in NZ AND declared at NZ Customs. New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) requires that all jockeys intending on riding in NZ are not permitted to bring gear to NZ. All gear must be purchased or borrowed from within NZ.

Avoid travelling to any horse area in Australia on the same day as any visit to any horse area (stables, salegrounds, racetrack) in New Zealand;

Please shower, wash your hair, and wear new or freshly cleaned clothes (including hats, jackets, glasses, etc) and shoes not previously worn around a horse area.

Horses Purchased at the Sale
New Zealand is EI free and buyers to the Sales are therefore advised that they can purchase horses at the forthcoming Ready to Run Sale in New Zealand and export them to Australia.

However, please be aware of the following:

Horses DO NOT have to be vaccinated to be exported to Australia. However, buyers may elect to have their purchases vaccinated either in New Zealand or in Australia upon arrival.

In accordance with Australian regulations, buyers importing horses to Australia require a permit to move horses from the airport to their destination. New Zealand Bloodstock will make this application on the buyer's behalf upon receipt of instructions from the buyer.

In the case of horses being imported from NZ to Western Australia, buyers must observe the inter-state quarantine requirements currently in place.

Please note that favourable GST regulations apply to horses purchased by non-NZ residents and those horses left in New Zealand for up to 24 months (unless on-sold prior) are zero-rated for GST purposes.

For any questions about the movement of people or horses between New Zealand and Australia please contact New Zealand Bloodstock Airfreight Manager Greg Northcott (+64 9 2980055 or greg.northcott@nzb.co.nz).

- New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd