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Small filly gives breeders, owners and trainers a big thrill

Twinkthaat in the hands of jockey, Lisa Cropp, winning the South Island Breeders' Stakes
Photo: Annie Studholme
The year that South Island Thoroughbred Breeders' Stakes winner, Twinkthaat was born was a bad year for breeders, Sue and Geoff Broughton. Twinkthaat's dam, Jamia, became very ill with a respiratory infection and had to be put down, so early on the foal had to be hand reared. At the same time, another of their mares, Felicity Fair had her first foal by Haayill. The colt foal was completely rejected by the mare, and so he joined Twinkthaat in the paddock on the Broughton's Huntly farm, along with a polo pony, whose dam also died.

Sue had three foals to hand rear and Denkavit calf milk was the alternative menu option to 'mother's milk', along with hard feed, which they all took to pretty quickly. "They all looked like 'three fat little pigs' out in the paddock together", said Sue. Interestingly enough, all three foals have had their share of success. Geoff and their son Steve, both play polo and the polo pony, named Tami is a 'brilliant polo horse'. The Haayill colt, Eatnscheetn, has won his maiden race and now Twinkthaat's Listed black type win has been a huge thrill."

Early on, Mark Todd trained the filly for a syndicate which included the Broughtons. A promising beginning with successful trials form and a second and a third in her first two starts was very encouraging. However, the syndicate dissolved at the end of her three year old year, and Mark Todd arranged a South Island lease for Twinkthaat, which is now raced by J Barber, S Cross, C James, B Johnstone, M Lyn, G McConchie & M C Stokes and trained by Tarsha & Michael Stokes.

Sue and Geoff still own the filly, and despite not being involved in the current racing syndicate, they are absolutely thrilled with Twinkthaat's South Island Listed Win. Sue said that although Twinkthaat is smaller than some of her contemporaries, what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in determination and has the heart of a lion, 'she tries so hard'! The Broughton's get a big thrill following the filly's progress and are delighted at the way the Tarsha and Michael Stokes are looking after their future broodmare.

The Broughton's have been breeding thoroughbreds since 1975 and consider themselves a real 'horsey family'. Their daughter is an Event rider in the UK, both Geoff and their son Steve play polo and the thoroughbred breeding has been a real interest for Sue. "Rockhill' farm is now owned by son Steve and is predominantly dairy, but Sue and Geoff have retained a small block for one or two broodmares – with a place for Twinkthaat once her racing career is completed.

- Janine Wallace


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