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Notice from NZTR Studbook Department

Cessation of Blood Typing for Parentage Verification

As of 1st August 2008, the Equine Parentage and Animal Genetic Services Centre at Massey University will no longer be providing the service of blood typing of horses for parentage verification.

Parentage verification of thoroughbred horses in New Zealand, essential for registration, has used the DNA based technology of DNA profiles since the 2002 foal crop. There should now be very few broodmares not on the DNA database, and so the impact of cessation of blood typing will be minimal.

However it does mean that any foal from a dam that has not been DNA typed, and the mare has died subsequent to foaling, will no longer be able to be blood typed to prove maternity, and so will not be eligible for registration.

To avoid such situations arising please ensure that all mares which have foaled or are due to foal, and have not yet been DNA typed, have hair samples collected and submitted to the Centre immediately.

Samples should be dispatched to:

Dr Jenny Cahill
Equine Parentage & Animal Genetics Services Centre
Massey University
Palmerston North

For those breeders/veterinarians who have used the blood typing services of the Centre for the purposes of predicting the risk of mares/foals for neonatal isoerythrolysis, a potentially fatal condition for the foal, the limited blood typing necessary to provide this service will be continued.



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