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NZTBA Calls Key Industry Providers Together

During this time of economic crisis, if it's good enough for the government, major businesses, industry power brokers and the unions to sit down at a summit to ensure the sustainability of jobs and the stimulation of the economy, then surely it's fitting that the thoroughbred industry should do the same.

The NZTBA has called an industry forum of key industry providers in Auckland on Wednesday 11th March, to discuss the decline in the foal crop and the loss of owners and breeders to the thoroughbred sector.

Despite the excellent initiatives to increase stake money and the introduction of "free" racing, over the last five years the thoroughbred foal crop numbers have declined from 5100 to 4000, and potentially this could fall further in the next two foal crops.

Michael Martin, the Chief Executive of the NZTBA believes that the wider industry may not fully appreciate the consequences of this continual decline.

"The main purpose of the meeting will be to identify costs that can be reduced or limited, so that as many breeders and owners as possible can continue to participate in the industry at whatever level is possible. We need to gain a greater understanding of the current challenges faced by each service provider and the overall position of our sector.

"We have some interesting statistics to present on costs following the last round of the yearling sales, and the costs of production from the last breeding season. Issues on the agenda will include veterinary, x-ray and scanning fees, commission rates, sale costs and stud book fees," he said.

The meeting will be chaired by the President of the NZTBA Peter Francis and will be attended by representatives of the Equine Branch of NZ Veterinary Association, NZTR, New Zealand Bloodstock and the NZTBA.

This forum follows on from the Industry Ownership Workshop held jointly by the NZTBA and the NZTR in Auckland last week.

- Michelle Saba


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