Chief Executive’s Blog - December 2015

The NZTBA wish all members and breeders a merry Christmas and prosperous new year
The NZTBA wish all members and breeders a merry Christmas and prosperous new year

Dear Branch Committee Members,

I hope you're looking back on a successful 2015 as we head into Christmas and the Yearling Sale season. I'm pleased to update you on a number of issues since the Council meeting of 29th November:


At the end of last week we had 252 subs still in arrears, 60 of whom are 2 years in arrears. That's down from 273 (69 - 2 years) a month ago.
We have followed up with branches with lists of overdue members and Nicola is helping with some branches.


Cheques were sent to all branches in the first week of December with membership numbers calculated up to the end of November, minus the agreed deduction for the cost of the website upgrade.


Considerable time and effort has been put into this project in the last month by the Tax Committee – thank you John Fokerd. Since we received the IRD's position on 3rd November, we have worked with John Allen, the Racing Board and their lawyers to put a case to the Ministers of both Racing and the IRD for their intervention . We have requested a joint meeting with both Ministers before the middle of January.

We hope to get John Aubrey's new Tax Book out to those who have ordered it by the end of this week. He is waiting on the printer!!


Not good news on this front with the ACC proposing to increase trainer and jockey levies by 22% and breeders' levies by 10% from 1 April 2016. As reported at the Council meeting NZTR convened a meeting with ACC in Wellington in early December so that we could discuss the situation with senior ACC staff. ACC explained that the reasons for the cost increases related to the accident rate, and we were able to outline the work that has been undertaken in Health and Safety and the effects that any increase will have on the industry at a very difficult time. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to write to both Ministers of Racing and the ACC to request a meeting before the final decision on the new Levies is made. This decision is likely to be made by the Cabinet in early February.


NZTR has agreed to quarterly payments of the levy but at $5000 less than last year which is unacceptable to us. John Forkerd is following up this situation with Allan Jackson the new NZTR Chairman and CEO Greg Purcell. In the meantime we have received no levy money this financial year.


After further discussions with NZB regarding the NZTBA joining the 'Owners & Syndication' marquee, it is clear that NZB doesn't want to clutter that space. The compromise is a slightly smaller marquee for the Owners/Syndicators and alongside it, a separate small one, (6x3 ) for us. It will at least give our partners an opportunity to have a presence at Karaka in a good spot, which is important if we are to retain their support. We will do our best, but won't be offering members any food or drink.


All current yearling filly owners and all major trainers and syndicators were posted their 2016 Entry

Booklets in the last week of November. A new-look Trackside ad has been created and will run from mid- January until Early Bird Entries close at the end of February. The ad will run again in July for final entries. Lots of Bonus races are been won by Pearl-qualified fillies with happy owners.


Vicki Pascoe is talking to some members of the Federation to see if there is common ground to share some projects in the coming year.


NZ Forex has joined the 'Family' and we are slowly getting the information out there and how to register & use the service. We need your help to get the information out to people who are in the market for foreign exchange services.


Since the Report to the Council meeting by Vicki and Ginnie Denny (NZTR), I have written to PITO CEO Mark Jeffries outlining the history and importance of the continuation of a student breeding course. No reply to date.


Please refer any inquiries about this to the new section on our website with a lot of helpful information for Members to assist them to prepare for the introduction of the new Act early next year.


You will have received the notes we sent you from NZTR to help in discussions you may have with local MPs during the summer racing season. NZTR is keen to receive your feedback if you do get a chance to talk to MPs.

Our Cambridge office closes next Monday evening 21st December and will open again on 11th January 2016.

Thank you for your work and support this year - I wish you all an enjoyable Christmas with your families and a prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards,


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