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Gavelhouse leading the way in Online Trading

Gavelhouse – leading the way in Online Trading

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. There is nothing that cannot be sourced, bought or sold on the web. And while the thoroughbred industry has been a little slower to catch on, there is one portal that is quickly finding favor with users because they get results.Gavelhouse, the brainchild of Melbourne-based Owner-Breeder Gary Moore, is already in its second year of operation and the size and scope of the operation has necessitated a rebuild of its website.Quite apart from its aesthetically pleasing appearance, the new site is very user friendly. It has several new features designed to assist in the smooth transaction for buyer and seller.·Sellers can load a horse from any country in the world and pay online·Much more detailed information has been added to ensure each advert has up to date information for people browsing online. A unique feature is the location map on each page of every horse, this helps people easily identify viewing areas like Nagambie, Echuca, Invercargill, Mooi River, when they view a horse from any country.·Race Records for all stock if required, Pedigree Pages updated automatically every 14 days, wonderful help for breeding mares and tried horses.·Creating a listing is simple and the process is completely supported by Gavelhouse staff.With representatives in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, daily International racing headlines and a new television commercial to promote the site, it's no surprise that Gary has been a busy man. "It's been hectic, that's for sure, but the continual success of our local and international sales is so rewarding for all."Owners are often reluctant to try new initiatives, especially when conventional methods have been in place for such a long time, but with the low advertising costs and buyers and sellers dealing direct and paying no commission Gavelhouse is becoming a viable source for any serious seller.Among the Gavel House success stories, are those received from South Island breeders, who have found the Gavel House option has worked very well for them. The Canterbury, Marlborough, Westland branch of the NZTBA have affiliated themselves with Gavel House, and this provided their branch members with the option to trade horses on the internet. The responses and feed back from those using it has been extremely positive. Horses are selling and along with that the personal service provided by Gavel House has been exceptional.See www.gavelhouse.com

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