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Breeding Industry World’s Best

Now the dust has settled on the wonderful win by the All Blacks, it is time to celebrate a major win with the best horses in the world. New Zealand could easily become the world leader in breeding and horse racing. Unlike rugby, it is celebrated by some of the richest people in the world, and also dreamers and battlers who own only a small share, but is it something that can become a major export earner for New Zealand.

The win on Tuesday in the Melbourne Cup brought reality back to this great race with a win by a woman jockey – New Zealand was one of the first to recognise the skill and value of women jockeys - and showed that against all odds, anyone with a dream can win A$3 million-plus in just a few minutes.

It is time the Government took a serious look at what can be done to promote racing on a world front, and especially our superb breeding industry. A win in both the Australian Derby and Melbourne Cup by horses that were bred from New Zealand stallions, against the best in the world in investment, money and leading business people, is a celebration that should reach the highest level.

I hope that we can begin to understand what this industry could be worth in the future.

Dame Wendy Pye, Greenland
Published in the NZ Herald 5-11-2015

- Dame Wendy Pye


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