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Waikato Regional Council Healthy Rivers Wai Ora Plan Change 1

What happens now?

The NZTBA made a submission to Variation 1 of Proposed Plan Change 1 for the Waikato and Waipa River catchments. NZTBA is also aware that some of our members also made a submission. Below is a diagram of the process.

If you didn’t make a submission and have concerns on how Plan Change 1 may impact on your business, you will now have to rely on and support the representation on your behalf by NZTBA.

The next step is further submissions which is likely to occur late July/August. This is where if you made a submission, you can make a further submission on other parties submissions either supporting or opposing. Making further submissions is a good opportunity to provide further detail on the areas that are of concern in the plan.

The further submission timeframe is short and will only be 15 working days to complete from when Council calls for them. However, the Waikato process is being handled a little differently and the 1000+ submissions from the first round are already available to view. So, if you want to get a head start the submissions and Council analysis can be found here.


After the further submission period has closed Council will produce what is known as Section 42A reports. This is Councils view on the submissions that have been made and may have recommendations for change that will be presented to the Hearings Panel. During this period Council may also have meetings with submitters known as pre hearing meetings to get a better understanding of submitters issues and explore possible solutions.

Hearings are expected to commence late this year and continue through to 2019.

For further information on the process these info sheets are useful https://www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/council/policy-and-plans/plans-under-development/healthy-rivers-plan-for-change/infosheets/

Or contact Justine Sclater Justine@nzthoroughbred.co.nz

To read the Waikato Regional Council Report on the Equine Sector click on the file below


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