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Restructure for the NZTBA

The New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association is to undergo a restructure at Head Office level.

“Like a lot of organisations in this day and age we have to reposition ourselves in the marketplace to be better placed going forward, without losing sight of the fact that we are still a key player in the Thoroughbred Industry by representing the Breeders,” said NZTBA President John Fokerd.

“Over the past few years we have witnessed many changes in our organisation and in the thoroughbred industry.  Our mission will continue to be to Inform, Educate, Encourage and Lead, and to do this change must occur and our restructuring must start at Head Office.

“Over the next few months, we will relocate to shared premises in Hamilton with New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing (NZTM) alongside the Te Rapa racecourse.”

Under the new structure a new Business and Operations Development Manager will be appointed, and some administrative and support services will be shared with NZTM. A new part-time CEO will also be appointed to work in Hamilton. These new positions will be advertised over the forthcoming weeks as we seek ideal candidates to lead the Association.

 “We want to once again lift the profile of our organisation nationwide and believe we can do this with the right personnel with the right skills,” he said.

“In this new digital age we feel the need to look for skills that are more appropriate to conducting business in the modern world today, hence the need for the new role of a Business and Operations Development Manager. They will be a key player in taking the NZTBA forward into the future.

“After 23 years of outstanding service to the NZTBA, our current CEO Michael Martin will be leaving his position in mid-September, and our Office Manager Nicola Griffiths will remain with us until the end of October while we transition to the offices in Hamilton.”

”During his time with the Association Michael has worked very effectively for the New Zealand breeder, he has been a real champion for the cause, and our Association will be forever grateful for his input. He has served with integrity under six Presidents including; Ross Finlayson, Arthur Ormond, John Aubrey, Peter Hutt, Peter Francis, and myself.  Michael is well respected by all the many sector groups, industry committees, politicians and lobbyists he has worked alongside on behalf of our Association.”

For further information please contact John Fokerd on 0274437356


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