Inglewood Stud launches new breeding incentive

Inglewood Stud is offering a unique incentive for North Island breeders to send their mares to Inglewood's resident stallion Zacinto next season.

The North Canterbury farm have negotiated with New Zealand Bloodstock Airfreight to fly mares down from Auckland for the stud season.

"The deal we are offering is the breeder pays the first $1,000 of the airfare and we pay the rest, regardless of whether the mare gets in-foal or not," Inglewood Stud General Manager Gus Wigley said.

"To be able to fly the mare down for $1,000 is pretty attractive and hopefully we get a few more mares come down because of that".

The Dansili entire served a full book of 110 mares last season.

"Of the 110 mares, there were 98 positive tests. So it was exceptional fertility and he really stepped up to the plate," Wigley said

"We have already had plenty of interest from what he has done this season. Hopefully he has another full book in-front of him." - NZ Racing Desk


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