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Lance Forbes - 2017 Sunline Scholarship winner - arrives at Cheveley Park Stud

One of the stable blocks at Cheveley Park Stud

One of the stable blocks at Cheveley Park Stud
After a very successful yearling sale for Cambridge Stud it was time to get on the big bird and start my adventure on the Sunline Scholarship 2017. After a 22 hour long flight with almost missing my connecting flight in America I had arrived to England. With multiple layers on it was time to make my way to Newmarket.

I was very excited to start work at Cheveley Park Stud as it is the home of the champion sire Pivotal who has sired 114 individual Stakes winners, that include 26 individual Group 1 winners. To see him in the flesh was a great thrill and at age 24 his is still as keen as a first season sire in the breeding shed. Another star of the farm is Dutch Art who was the leading first season sire in Europe in 2011 and has sired 24 Stakes winners to date. The one stallion that caught my eye the most was the campion sprinter Lethal Force with his oldest progeny just turning two years old he is yet to prove himself as a sire, but take nothing away from him with his race record.

One of the many opportunities I get at Cheveley is to take mares to outside stallions , I was lucky enough to take Group One winning mare Echelon to visit champion sire Dubai who stands at GBP 250,000. While I was at Darley I was lucky enough to walk around and see all of the other stallions, to be able to walk down and see so many champion horses was amazing and to see one of my favourite racehorses of all time Sepoy put the icing on the cake.


Day to day work at Cheveley is a lot different to any farm I have worked at before. All of the mares are boxed every night and all foaling is done inside so there are plenty of boxes to muck out every day, they also do a lot more handling with a foal. From day one the foal is made to walk by a head collar along side the mare, so its fair to say it was all pretty new for me when I first arrived. All of the staff are very welcoming and it was very easy to fit in with everyone, apart from been called an Australian on a daily basis but I would say this has been an ongoing joke to all Kiwis that go there, I just have to remind everyone about the 2015 rugby world cup and the jokes seem to stop.

The heart of Newmarket has to be the heath gallop where the majority of all racehorses in Newmarket work. With ten different gallops on site it gives every trainer plenty of options but with over 3,500 horses working at the heath everyday there is always plenty to see.

Stay tuned for the next chapter
Your sincerely
Lance Forbes


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