NZTBA backs report's call for fundamental reform

Peter Hutt, President of the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders' Association says,
"I am pleased that the PricewaterhouseCoopers report [on the New Zealand Racing and Bloodstock Industry] is so comprehensive and focussed despite the short time frame available for its completion."

"The report sends a clear signal to the present industry administrators that retaining the status quo is simply not an option if the racing industry is to reverse its long-term decline and prosper in the future."

"It confirms what our Association and many others within the industry have known for some time, that 'economic development will only be possible if fundamental reform can be achieved.' (page 18). Tinkering at the edges will not work."

"The report refers to one industry, including thoroughbred breeding, and our Association has long recognised that the fortunes of breeders are largely dependent on the prosperity or otherwise of domestic racing. We have also advocated changes in administration which give greater representation to the industry stakeholders - breeders, owners and industry professionals - rather than the clubs, which have traditionally dominated the decision-making processes. This report acknowledges those concerns."

"The NZTBA believes the report offers a sound basis for profound, constructive change, and we now look forward to the decisions and actions that will make it happen. We support the establishment of a working group which shares the report's vision that genuine change can save domestic racing, but we would prefer that its members are appointed by the Minister for Racing, rather than the Racing Industry Board which is itself subject to review."

"The working group must then work singlemindedly to implement change as a matter of urgency. It is also essential that the Minister for Racing actively supports the reform process. After all, the government, by way of the substantial income it receives from the industry, is a key stakeholder in New Zealand racing."



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