New Zealand Election Special: Green Policy on Racing

Sue Bradford

Over the past several years, Sue Bradford, the Green MP responsible for Racing, has been working on the Racing Bill currently before Parliament. During that time she has done her best to liaise with representatives of different parts of the industry, and continues to welcome input and discussion with sector representatives. The Green Party is not issuing a formal Racing Policy prior to the July 27 election, but Sue would like to make the following comments.

"As the Green Party spokesperson on Racing, I continue to support:

* The need for Government to recognise the key role the racing industry plays in our national economy, and in our local communities, through job creation, local and export sales, breeding, training and racing.

* Small racing clubs have a vital role to play, and as part of our commitment to community economic development, we support all measures to retain and develop small rural and provincial clubs, despite the problems the industry faces as a whole.

* Small racing clubs must also be recognised by Government and associated racing bodies so that they are consulted as of right on policy development and implementation, and be treated with equity and fairness in allocation of resources.

* A full review of the taxation regime for racing must be instituted immediately with a view to bringing equity between racing and other forms of gambling, while also recognizing the particular value of racing to both national and local economies."

For more information on the Green Party's position on Racing,
contact Sue Bradford on 027 243 4239, or 04 470 6720
Email: Sue.Bradford@parliament.govt.nz



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