Update on the NZTBA office

The tree which collapsed on the NZTBA office last Sunday 15 February was removed last week and the staff of the Association, New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing and the Halberg Trust are now back in the building. They can all be contacted on their usual telephone and fax numbers and email addresses.

However, all three organisations will soon re-locate to interim offices while repairs are made to the building.

NZTBA chief executive Michael Martin says "With only one entrance to the building the work of builders and tradespeople will be easier and less disruptive if we're not here so we have decided to move out for the re-building period. I hope to confirm arrangements for our temporary location in the next week or so."

It's not yet certain when the repair work will begin, or how long it will take but Michael is hopeful everything will be back to normal by the middle of the year. The building is fully insured.

- Susan Archer


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