Personality of the Year Award

Established in 1992, the Personality of the Year Award recognises an industry personality who has made a significant contribution to the New Zealand thoroughbred industry.

Personality of the Year Winners

2015- Des Hawkins2003- John Aubrey
2014- Lisa Chittick2002- Cherry Taylor
2013- David Smith2001- Ann & Ken Browne
2012- Garry Chittick2000- Nelson Schick
2011- Leon Casey1999- Steve Till
2010- Denny Baker1998- Adrian Clark
2009- Colin Thompson1997- Jim Campin
2020- Rick Williams2008- Scott Williams1996- Ron Ladd
2019- Joan Egan2007- Vicki Pascoe1995- Mrs Jeanette Broome
2018- Michael Wallace2006- Jim Marks1994- Norm Hawthorne
2017- Wayne & Vicki Pike2005 Graeme Rogerson1993- Sir Patrick Hogan
2016- Gordon Cunningham2004- Jim Gibbs1992- David Benjamin

Mary Lynne Ryan Young Achiever

Mary Lynne Ryan is remembered for her passion for the thoroughbred industry, for education and young people.

The award named in her honour recognises the dedication and passion of a talented young person in the industry.

Mary Lynne Ryan Young Achiever Award Winners

2016- Scotty Buchanan
2015- Tara Hughes
2014- Mallory Phillips
2013- Callum Jones
2012- Kerry McVeigh
2011- Charlotte Hook
2020- Julian Corban2010- Ben Tappenden
2019- Benji King2009- Tracy Simmons
2018- Sam Kennerley2008- Paul Hunter
2017- Joe & Max Smithies2007- Luke Simpson

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