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Equine Health - General

The mare and newborn foal

Dr Tim Pearce discusses the timeframe in which mares should foal, mare management post foaling, accessing a placenta and the importance of colostrum.

Treatment of open wounds

Dr Tim Pearce touches on the treatment of open wounds in thoroughbreds in general.


Dr Tim Pearce talks us through the castration or gelding of a young thoroughbred in New Zealand, and the need for many young colts to be gelded for management purposes.

Equine Dental Health

Equine Veterinarian Mandy Illston talks about the development of teeth in a thoroughbred, including checking for early conformational deformities in foals.

Equine Parasites

How often should you deworm your horse? This video is about the latest research into deworming.

Equine Laminitis

Watch this very informative video on the causes and treatment of Laminitis.

Equine Dentistry

The NZ Equine Research Foundation examine equine dentistry. 

Gastric Ulcers

This video explains how ulcers are caused in horses and what you can do to avoid your horse getting them.


Veterinarian Roisin McQuillan discusses equine dentistry and the importance of healthy teeth pre breeding season.


Respected vet Paul Fraser discusses strangles.


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