New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing offers the National Certificates in Equine Breeding. These are Primary ITO Equine Breeding qualifications for stud managers and staff. 

There are two Levels. Level 3 is completed first and the more advanced Level 4 qualification scaffolds on from the Level 3 work.

The qualifications consist of NZQA unit standards and are specifically designed around the needs of the industry. The qualifications are available at a subsidised cost of $295 per Level. Resource books are provided.

It provides hard working staff with the knowledge and opportunity to upskill themselves, all whilst gaining a qualification on the job. Trainees have 18 months to complete the qualification.

On average, the course consists of 80% practical on-the-job assessments (competency will be verified by the employer or manager and evidence documented in the trainee's work diary) and 20% theory assessments (that are sent out to the trainee and marked by the course tutor).

Trainees are communicated with and visited regularly and the tutor is available to assist when needed. Tutorial sessions are also offered from time to time and reference material is provided in a folder of Learner Guides.

In addition there is also a short course that is run each year usually at the end of May. This course aims to assist trainees with the completion of the qualification and as well is an opportunity to form
contacts with notable personnel in the industry and tap in to their knowledge base.

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National Certificate in Equine Breeding

Level 3 Qualification: 100 credits Designed for trainees with some experience in the equine industry who wish to develop skills and knowledge in breeding under supervision

Theory units (written assessments – all are open book)

Work Diary (practical assessments- carried out on-the-job)

00064 Perform calculations for a specified workplace
01277 Communicate information in a specified workplace         
01624 Care for a horse's paddock, and horses in a paddock
01636 Receive and despatch horses
01640 Assist to foal a mare under supervision
01647 Prepare yearlings for sales and attend sales
01648 Clean stables
01650 Prepare a horse for travel by road, and load and unload
01656 Groom a horse
01658 - Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and requirements of a career in the equine industry
01660 Identify, catch, and prepare a horse for exercise
Participate and communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task

06579 Clean and maintain saddlery for horses
06580 Recognise and describe how to deal with an emergency situation involving horses
06617 Assess stable design and construction
06622 Analyse horse feed and stable horses
17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace                                                                  
19459 Demonstrate knowledge of the operation of, and erect temporary electric fences in an equine environment
23973 Perform safe working practices with an outside contractor in an equine industry
23974 Perform safe working practices using alternative equine training techniques and equipment 25443 Demonstrate knowledge of the gear and procedures used in the exercise of horses

NB: Some substitute units may be available in the elective sections e.g. standard bred, thoroughbred


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