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Latest Database Update: 18 April 2016

Welcome to the NZTBA Stud & Stallion Database, providing easy access to key information and news about New Zealand thoroughbred stallions, studs and private breeders.

Stallions can be searched by Stallion Name, Sire, Region and Stud Fee Range.
The status of each stallion is indicated as Current, Past (= retired, exported or no longer shuttling to New Zealand) or Dead.

Additional information is included in the Stallion News and History fields; and pdf versions of the pedigree pages are posted for stallions advertised in each year's NZTBA Stallion Register. These pages are usually online by November-December. The Register pages for stallions no longer standing in New Zealand are the last published before they died or left the country, and are kept here for historical purposes.  

Search results list studs and stallions in alphabetical order; stallion searches by Stud Fee Range list Current stallions first.

The Stud listings can be searched by Stud Name and now include a list of each stud's Current, Past & Dead stallions, with Current stallions listed first. The Stud History and News fields are regularly updated. 

Data Sources
The database contains all the New Zealand studs and stallions advertised in the NZTBA's Registers of Thoroughbred Stallions of New Zealand, 1998-2006. There are now more than 300 stallions and more than 180 studs & private breeders in our online records.

Other statistical data & information is supplied by Arion Pedigrees, New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing & Thoroughbred News. The NZTBA's own Stead Memorial Library is the source of most of the material used in the historical essays.

New stallions are added, and service fees and locations amended as they are announced each year. Northern Hemisphere location and fee details for stallions that have shuttled or are shuttling to New Zealand are also updated where possible. We gratefully acknowledge www.thoroughbredinternet.com for much of the NH data.

Historical Information
Stallions that have died or no longer stand in New Zealand continue to be listed in the NZTBA Online Database because we receive many inquiries from breeders, journalists and researchers tracing the careers of past stallions. Hence, their details are retained for media, reference & research purposes. We are gradually adding brief essays, including statistical summaries, for deceased champion and other significant sires, and important studs that are no longer operating. For example, listings have been posted for Sir Tristram, Noble Bijou, Pakistan II & Kurdistan, and for Chelandry Stud

For dead or exported stallions, and shuttle stallions that do not return to New Zealand, the local fee & location details will be those which applied for their final seasons in New Zealand; or is the latest information available to us.

For more information:
If the stud, breeder or stallion you are seeking is not in the database please contact Nicola Griffiths.

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